Sunday, 5 August 2007

What a pain!

So, I was sitting down to do some scrapping last night as I had a fab idea for a layout which for once isn't for my growing up album, and I needed to print the set of photos off. And of course, my ink cartridges, which have been saying they were empty for about a month now but still worked (never change them just cos your computer tells you too, there is usually far more mileage in them) decided to give up the ghost when printing out the final piccie. Isn't that really irritating? So no layout last night. But fortunately I now have some new ink cartridges and the layout can go ahead.

However, I have promised Ed and my brother Steve to do a barbecue today (it might be the only chance we get!) so I doubt it will be finished tonight. I just spent an hour wandering round Sainsbury's trying to buy barbecue supplies that everyone got to first. Oh well, I'm sure I can improvise! Perhaps I will even post piccies on here of the finished results...

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