Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I'm so behind!

What has happened to me? I got back from London on Sunday night and for some reason I've only been able to scrap in little bursts, despite having loads of ideas. I have just finished my mini book for the Creative Team (which I will photograph and send to Rebecca to put on her website before it appears on here) but I've still got to do my CJ entry and the posting date is today! Yesterday I spent the whole day in a bit of a wierd, feeling sorry for myself mood, and for no reason at all.
However, I am a little concerned that my excessive scrapping over the Summer hols may have done my knee in. For those new to my blog, I unfortunately have to scrap on the floor in the little bedroom, and do have a tendency to get cramp in my legs through bending them under me for long periods of time. But now I'm getting cramp in one of my legs all the time! I must be the first scrapper in history to get a knee injury from their hobby! It does mean that I've been avoiding scrapping for long, which may in turn be depressing me. What a vicious cycle! ;-)

Anyway, here is a picture of a cat in a bag to cheer us all up...

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