Wednesday, 25 February 2015


It's been an extremely busy few weeks chez Watson. Going back to work after the half term holiday has been a bit hectic and very exhausting as I struggle increasingly with my hips and back while I waddle around school, but I only have five more weeks to go now until mat leave and I'm definitely counting down! Thirty weeks now, I don't know where the time has gone...

In positive news, I was observed twice just before half term and got outstanding both times - I didn't stress too much about or plan for these so it was quite self-affirming when I got such positive feedback. It has taught me to rely on the fact that I am a good teacher who knows what they are doing and I should have confidence in that when I am feeling negative.

On the crafty side, I have been getting on with a few things in between work, looking after little J and collapsing on the sofa. Pocket Pal now looks like this:

I decided to knit the sleeves onto the jumper rather than setting in (as I hate sewing in sleeves!) - the pattern appears to have them coming out at right angles which is rather unusual so I hope it fits J alright in the end. The intarsia is a total mess of loose ends on the back so some rather extensive weaving in is going to have to happen too.

This is how my socks are looking - I haven't knit on these for a while but look forward to getting back to them as the pattern is interesting without being too difficult. I really like the magic cast on - it's so neat and again, will avoid sewing up at the end. I really like trying out new techniques and skills and my first pair of socks was top down so I'm shaking things up a bit with these.


I have also had a go at some more flourless mini muffins - double choc this time. I really liked these, especially after a couple of days when they tasted even better, but J wasn't a fan, I'm not sure why. I will just have to make some more for me!

Hopefully I can finish Pocket Pal in the next few days - I want J to be able to wear it in the next month while the weather is still cold enough. The socks are less urgent, but I don't want them to linger for two years like the last pair! If anyone knows where I can get some cheap sock blockers too, please let me know - all the ones I have seen are extortionate!





Sunday, 8 February 2015

Days out and Evenings In

It's been a few days since a blog post again, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy - far from it. We have been out and about a few times in the last week, and today we decided to make the most of our National Trust membership and the beautiful winter sunshine for a day out to Packwood House. We didn't go in the house today - we have done that before - but we did go on a guided tour round the yew garden and lake (as well as enjoying a cream tea in the cafe).

The view of the house across the lake is stunning - the lake was still partly frozen.

An amazing skeletal winter tree with one of the follies next to it.


Another of the follies - the Inside Out house. Ed and J went in while I took a rest.

We have also been making Peanut Butter and Banana flourless blender muffins. Extremely easy and much healthier than regular muffins. I found the recipe on Pinterest as I had several old manky bananas that needed using.

In the evenings, I've been quite productive on the knitting front. I finished J's little jumper a while back and decided to power through my second Sunday Swing sock that had been languishing half finished on the needles for two years! Yes, really. I even managed to follow the chart wrong and had to rip back half the foot and I still finished it. Quite proud of my perseverance on that one.

I then proceeded to immediately cast on another sock. I clearly don't learn my lessons. This time it is a toe up sock - the magic cast-on for these is so clever. They are called High Arches by Rhian DrinkWater.

I know I still have my Boxy and my blanket to work on, but the endless stocking stitch was getting to me on Boxy. So I cast on something else too, the Pocket Pal monster jumper from an issue of Simply Knitting. J chose this especially from my magazine so who was I to say no? I decided to use Drops Merino Extrafine - I was taking a chance, but the yarn is buttery soft, if a little badly spun in places. Hoping to get on with this speedily so he can wear it this year. Watch this space!