Saturday, 18 August 2007

A quick post

Apologies for my silence over the last couple of days - they've been busy! We travelled down to London again on Thursday night and then yesterday we attended the wedding of Nicola, a family friend. My little sis was her bridesmaid and I did the makeup of the bride and her mum Chris who was giving Nic away. Nerves were pretty frayed when I arrived but despite Nicola shaking throughout the makeup session went well and she looked absolutely gorgeous! I will try and find a picture of her to upload tomorrow.
This evening me and Ed went out with my mum and dad to celebrate my mum's birthday which is on Monday. We went for a Thai meal (my favourite) at the best Thai restaurant I've ever been to - if you live anywhere near Sutton you should visit it, you won't be disappointed! I like the fact that the meals are light so you don't get bloated but totally full of flavour - the garlic and pepper beef was my fave :)
We will be driving back to Coventry tomorrow. I had started working on a mini book for the design team before we left so I've got that to finish as well as quickly getting my CJ entry done - I'm SO behind! It shouldn't take too long though as I've printed my photos out and I know what I'm doing - just gotta actually do it! I'll post that on here in the next few days, though the DT mini book will be up on the Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash website before it appears on this blog. Its based on a trip to the Isle of Wight we took earlier this year and should give people some ideas for scrapping in a very small size.
I still haven't started my book for Shimelle's class but the trouble is I'm enjoying a bit of a creative flurry - I've got all these ideas for layouts in my head and I just want to make them reality before I forget them :)

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