Friday, 24 August 2007

Two more layouts.

Well I got a bit carried away last night and made another layout for the Creative Team. Its a really pretty one (bit different to my usual) and is about all the cats as I felt guilty making a layout about just Elmo. I've sent piccies over to Rebecca so they should end up on her website soon.
I'm pleased that I've acutally got around to starting my cat album which I bought AGES ago! And working in 8.5X11in was different too - you use up SO much less paper that way and you seem to fill a page so quickly. I think thats why I was able to get two layouts done in a day, gotta be a total first for me!
My best friend from uni and her boyfriend are coming to visit this evening which I'm really looking forward to as I haven't seen her for ages. She lives in a gorgeous flat in Brighton right near the sea (jealous? Moi?) and I love visiting her there too. Not sure what we are going to do yet, I'm hoping that the weather might hold and if so risking a barbecue but hey, come on, this is August in England and the minute I start planning something like that the law of Sod will dictate that the skies will open. So plans are on hold for a little bit longer...


  1. Hope the weather held out for you yesterday. It was lovely here at last. We have had nothing but rain and floods since June!
    I love 8.5x11, but I mainly work with the old fave 12x12. I fancy having a bash at 6x12 too, but I need a new album for that.
    Hope you have a fab weekend.

  2. I read about the club for ribbon and hopped over hoping to find some but alas there were no kits to be had! I MUST have that july kit!!!