Monday, 21 March 2011

Feeling inspired

For a number of reasons, I feel inspired to do a bit of blogging today. Life has not been so enjoyable lately, or for much of the last year if I'm honest, but I am gradually coming to the conclusion that I can't let my job rule my life. Blogging was always something I enjoyed doing, so I should really start doing a least a little bit of it again. So I thought I'd start uploading some of the pages I have been making. The majority have been done as Design Team work, and so may have already appeared over on the Papermaze blog, but it will be nice to have everything on here as well.

This page is recording a very lovely day last April when I went away with my hubby's family to the Peak District for a weekend. The sun shone beautifully on our last day there, and we were treated to spectacular views over a valley (which we then proceeded to climb down into, but that's another story!)

I like a bit of paper-piecing now and again - it appeals to the child in me who used to enjoy making pictures and collages from pieces of paper - and I've been using the technique a few times recently.

Who knows, maybe I'll blog another page this week - I do most of my blogging via Picasa now which appears to have an annoying four photo limit, but is infinitely less frustrating than uploading photos in blogger itself, which always seems to crash part way through. I guess you can't have it all. I'm also planning on sharing some of my knitting projects as well - they are many and varied in terms of success and closeness to completion, but are probably my main creative outlet at the moment so are worth sharing anyway.
In fact, I'm off to do a spot of knitting and relaxing and not thinking about work now, so I'll close this short and sweet post here!
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