Thursday, 30 August 2007

Two layouts on the go...

I can't believe how many ideas I have for layouts at the moment - they seem to be filling my head all the time quicker than I can get them done! I have two layouts on the go right now - one is at the sticking down stage, the other is awaiting some embellishments from Rebecca (a boomin blossoms kit full of green and orange and yellow blooms) before I can move on with it.

The depressing thing is that all these creative ideas have come just at the time when I am going to have very little opportunity to make the layouts. I'm happy because my weekly Wednesday crop will be back on and I'm looking forward to seeing the girls from there again and to having a dedicated 2 and a half hour stretch to work on pages. But unfortunately a little thing called work is going to get in the way of a lot of my time. Now why do I have to earn a living again??? ;)


  1. I am always stuck my my mojo when I am at work and cannot do jack about it! It drives me mad, as when I come home it has gone!
    Loving the new layouts, that BG pp with the little birdies is delish! Congrats on the gallery!

  2. OOOPPS I meant struck! I guess I have forgotten how to spell today!