Sunday, 26 August 2007

Soooo tired!

Well, me and Ed have spent all day trying to finally finish decorating our living room. This was a job that began with us stripping the wallpaper on my birthday (1st April!) and we have only just got round to laying the floor. It looks great but we've only done two rows so far - this is very much a learning curve and a slow one at that! And my sheer hatred of all things mathematical doesn't help much - its not that I can't do it, its more that I get really horrible if I'm made to. So measuring around door frames etc is not my idea of fun.
I may try to do a little scrapping this evening although to be honest I'm so tired I can barely type properly but at least scrapping relaxes me. I've got a few photos printed out which it would be nice to work with so I may just sketch some layouts tonight for them.
Hope to have more to share soon, other than the DIY blues!


  1. THANKS for your nice comment on
    my blog! Your "sisters" layout is TOTALLY great. Love the colors!!!


  2. Oh hope you are having fun! I can remember laying the laminate in the old house. Lets put it this way, Steve nearly left me. He was soooo stressed with it and considering it was all my idea to lay it, I got the blame! When it was finished, I wanted my carpet back so that didnt go down well!!!
    Good luck!