Thursday, 9 August 2007

A few days away...

Apologies for being quiet for a few days, I've been visiting my family back down in South London and I've certainly been busy!

I drove down on Tuesday with my brother and was unfortunately unable to avoid traffic jams on the M25 (there are three certainties in life - death, taxes and traffic on the M25) but eventually arrived. That evening I went out for a drink with my sister and friend Nicola who is getting married next week and who I'm helping to do her wedding make up (so no pressure there!). We had a lovely evening at a gorgeous pub called the Ramblers Rest, though unfortunately it started raining so the beer garden was a no no.

Then yesterday my parents, brother and me went down to Eastbourne for the day. I have lots of lovely memories of this seaside resort from my childhood - its so traditional and quaint. The beautiful Beachy Head is just close by, though we didn't get time to go up there yesterday. We enjoyed fish and chips on the beach and a walk on the prom.

When I got back, I went round to visit a school friend of mine for a lovely dinner and catch up over glasses of wine. I hardly get to see my old school friends these days so I really love it when we do get together - no matter how much time passes they still seem familiar to me.

I have been watching the classes on UKS homepage with interest though of course being without stash I have been unable to take part...yet! Will try to do a few when I get back. However, I did start a rather ambitious double layout about last weeks barbecue before I left and I'm desperate to finish that when I get back - I left strict instructions with Ed not to move it and to defend it from the cats till I get back! So hopefully will be uploading that at the weekend too. TTFN!

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