Saturday, 10 November 2007

September remembered...

Its been a really busy day and I'm totally shattered! Spent most of it with my Mum at the Crafts show at the NEC - more on that tomorrow, but for now, here are another two pages from my Learn Something New Every Day album.
The first entry was done on Saturday the 15th September, when I had spent a happy afternoon alone crafting while Ed was at the football. Sometimes you just need your own space and I am certainly a person who enjoys their own company every once in a while (not that I don't also enjoy the company of family and friends too!). So my lesson that day was: Sometimes your own company is the best.
This entry was for 16th September, and commemorates the last barbecue we managed this year (lets face it, the weather didn't allow for many at all!). It just made me laugh that while I was consigned to the kitchen, boiling new potatoes and chopping salad, all the men congregated around the barbecue, even though there is hardly enough space for one person to stand in front of it and turn the sausages! Hence my lesson learned on that day - Where there is a barbecue, men will congregate!

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  1. OOOh love all your recent projects, the cat in the box is my fave. My cats have a thing for boxes and bags too! Funny things cats!