Saturday, 17 November 2007

A day to myself

Ed has been off on a band job all day taking part in an event marking the start of Christmas shopping in Gloucester so I've had a bit of a lazy day to myself today. I've been working on a bit of my DT work and then spent the last few hours watching A Hard Day's Night which is one of my favourite films - I managed to pick up the DVD for just a fiver over at the other evening so I was dead pleased with that!

Anyway, here are the next two pages from my Learn Something New journal. September 23rd reminds me to 'take pleasure in the simple things' - we didn't do a lot when my parents came to stay that weekend, but a film and a glass of wine in their company was enough to make me happy.

On September 24th I had to do a presentation in front of senior managment to persuade them to let us set up a Politics A-level at school. Now, I'm not really the nervous type in these situations, but I did get a few butterflies before going in. However, I realised that I have the happy ability to think on my feet and was able to answer the questions posed and present our case - now we just need to persuade the kids to choose it as an option, which is arguably the more difficult task in our politically apathetic community!

This evening should be fun as we are off to visit some friends of ours who have just had a baby - it will be lovely to meet little Jack for the first time.

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  1. How did you get on with your presentation? My degree was in Politics and Economics and loved the politics stuff - lots of history really. I'm always trying to make my little ones more politically aware, even if it's just the name of the PM!