Thursday, 29 November 2007

My Title Page

I knew I would have to get started on my journal before the 1st December or I would never stick to it so tonight I sat down and completed the title page. I decided to go with 8x8 as if I didn't make a decision soon I would be umming and ahhing forever! I followed a similar style to my September journal, as I knew I found it fairly easy to keep up with that, adding a chipboard element and a bit of stamping for interest. I'm not a big fan of simple and clean pages though so I decided to make it a bit inky and grungy to take the 'edge' off it. I might go back and sew through the buttons, but for tonight I am happy with it. The colours haven't come out brilliantly in the scan but you get the idea!

Its been an incredibly tiring few days at work and I feel like I haven't slept in a week - its amazing how stressed you can get for no particular reason other than being too busy - I'm glad I sat down and scrapped tonight as its an amazing stress relief!


  1. That's really lovely - the lettering is fab and it all comes together really well.

  2. Hi there, really love your first page!! I'm a teacher as well but I teach in primary school. I live in Belgium together with my bf and 2 cats. Haha, we have some things in common. Please, come over to my blog and have a look around. Do you mind if I add you to my links?
    Love, Isolde

  3. Your title page is beautiful. I'm so impressed that you've already started!