Thursday, 22 November 2007


Today I have the next two pages of my September journal for you. The first is about my deep-rooted fear of the Coventry ring road system. A road where cars go on and off down the same slip road just seems designed for trouble. And I had always resolutely avoided it. But that day I had to go to hospital on the other side of the city. And I had to do the drive myself. And it actually wasn't as terrible as I had envisaged. And now I drive around the ring road fairly regularly. So I guess I just needed to be forced out of my comfort zone!
Next is a pretty amazing entry for me, it was the day I found out I had won Best of British New Talent. It was so completely unexpected and late in the day I was just convinced I hadn't won so I was really in shock when I took the phonecall from Rosie Waddicor to inform me of the good news. But once it sunk in I just couldn't wait to tell my family and celebrate - it means a lot to have your work valued, especially as I had never previously even submitted my work to the reader's gallery. It gave me a whole lot of confidence so I wanted to celebrate that in this page: Dreams really can come true.

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