Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Dark and Gloomy

I hate this time of year, after the clocks have gone back and its already getting dark when I get home from work. Its near on impossible to take a decent picture of a scrapbook page! So anyway, I got tired of waiting for the opportunity to take a picture in natural light and decided to take photos of my latest CJ entry anyway. Its on the theme of Inspiration and Advice.

My advice was given to me by my mum many years ago when I was upset about school and fitting in (we've all been there!). She told me that in a few years time, I would never see those people again, so there was no point letting them upset me now. Of course, like all other teenagers, I didn't really believe it, and it seemed a long way off. But if only I had known then how right those words were! I do still have friends from school who I get on with, but haven't seen most of the rest of my fellow pupils for years. I don't even live in the same part of the country! Its a message I try to get across to my pupils now when they are messing around or acting the fool in order to impress others. And of course, they don't believe me either. But its worth a try!

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