Thursday, 28 June 2007

My Favourite Actor

I'm afraid I'm a complete cliche. I could have said my favourite actor was someone edgy or a bit different. Someone like John Malkovich or Johnny Depp, or Robert Carlyle, or on TV John Sim, Philip Glenister or more recently David Tennant (a fantastic Doctor Who!). But I would have been lying. Because of course my favourite actor is every nineties teenage girls favourite crush. The most gorgeous man on the planet, Brad Pitt. He is not the best actor I have ever seen. His performance in Troy was more than a little bit crap. But there is something about Brad which means that, for me, whenever he walks on screen it lights up. He has real star quality. And this is my little homage to the man who I wished I would marry when I was 16.

I found some metallic looking words in a basket in the shop at class yesterday and decided to use these on my layout. It meant that I had to write my journalling so that I could fit some of the words in. The backing paper is just one sheet of Basic Grey Scarlet's letter which is really decorative enough on its own. On the picture side, I have simply added some stamped embellishments for which I used my Autumn Leaves Gypsy Style stamps.

The journalling reads:

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl who fell head over heels for the actor Brad Pitt. Whenever he walks on the screen, magic happens. He has an amazing screen presence and his performances always fire my imagination and draw me in. The gorgeous little twinkle in his blue eyes just makes my heart flutter. He was my first big crush and I know I will forever have a soft spot for him. He is definitely the best of all the stars.

Not perhaps the exact way I would have put it without the limitations of the metallic words. But still, I think it gets the message across!

So back to the 12 by 12 layouts and my growing up album, for which I have had to order more page protectors and extender posts as it is now completely full. I scanned a lot of images in to scrap and I can't believe the number of gorgeous photos I still have to include. I can tell this is going to be 2, if not 3, album's worth. And all the new stuff to scrap too. I kind of feel like I'm neglecting my current events and activities - I haven't even scrapped my last birthday yet. But I think it is something to do with the quality of my Dad's photos that always draws me back to them. He really captured the moment and I have to say, that for all the convenience and advantages of digital photography, there is something to be said for traditional SLR film cameras. They seem to have a way of picking out the life in a subject. Or maybe its just that I'm just not very good at using digital cameras!

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