Sunday, 3 June 2007

In the Garden

As much as I'd hoped to spend the whole of Sunday scrapping, unfortunately life got in the way today. We had LOADS of washing to do after the holiday and also had to go to Sainsbury's for the inevitable food shop before we go back to work. And because of the glorious weather we took the opportunity to tidy up our garden a bit. Here is the finished result: We planted some wildflower seed mixes to see if we can get a bit of colour because, as you can see, everything is a bit green at the moment! And yes, that is Elmo my cat taking a starring role in my photo.
However, all is not lost. I have spent the time whilst pottering coming up with some ideas for my layouts and my latest CJ entry. I have had a great idea for my 'favourite treat' which doesn't involve chocolate - this is one of my more indulgent treats when I'm feeling a bit flush. I'm hopefully going to put this one together tonight so I will share the result (and my favourite treat!) tomorrow.
I've also printed out loads of photos for my growing up album so I should be producing quite a few layouts in the next few weeks. Tomorrow night I'm going to a class at the Articraft crop to make a Basic Grey frame (I have seen the sample and it looks great!) and mini book so I'm looking forward to that - will share the finished items during the week.
And finally, congratulations to Anna, who runs our Thursday crop, who has just had a baby - she looks totally gorgeous in the photos. Well done Anna!

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  1. Thank you Chloe :)

    Isle of Wight looks lovely. It's one place I'd love to go some day. Would love to see your completed frame next Thursday if you want to bring it along.