Saturday, 9 June 2007

My latest layout

You may notice that some of the pictures of my layouts are now missing from my blog. This is because I have decided to enter the Scrapbok Inspirations competition in the Best New Talent category. I really don't know how I will get on - whether I will get shortlisted or not - but you can only try and sometimes these things surprise you.
I have decided to include my latest layout which means I can't upload it. However, I have decided to include a sneaky peek here, especially as I had promised to upload it today.

Its been a bit of a slow day to be honest - Ed has been at a band job and the cats have slept all day. I really should be doing some cleaning but the will to do anything has abandoned me at the moment. It feels like a Lazy Sunday Afternoon except that its actually Saturday! I might however be going to the cinema to see Pirates of the Carribbean 3 later - Ed's way of making up to me after we had to call off a trip to my parents for his band job. So I will have to wake myself up a bit to avoid falling asleep in the cinema. I haven't been to the cinema since the last James Bond (which I totally loved) so it should be a good evening - plenty of popcorn all round!

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