Saturday, 2 June 2007

I'm back!

I just got back this afternoon from a week spent lazing around on the Isle of Wight. We stay at a place called St Helens near Bembridge at a Holiday Park overlooking the water. Its a stunning view and a really relaxing place to be, perfect for getting away from work and school. Ed's little niece came away for her first holiday and she was great - we didn't get woken up once in the night despite the log cabin walls being paper thin!

The weather just couldn't make its mind up all holiday! It went from something like this (and yes, it really was that dark at midday on Bank Holiday Monday):

To something like this (on Friday, overlooking Cowes harbour):

Still, as true Brits we were able to ignore the weather and have fun anyway (after all, it wouldn't be a British bank holiday if it didn't pour down with rain!).

I have to say though, much as I enjoyed my holiday, I'm now suffering severely from scrapping withdrawal! I spent much of the holiday going through my back copies of Scrapbook Inspirations gathering ideas and I was itching to get hold of my papers and stamps again half way through the holiday. I arrived back to find my first subscription kit from Little Silver Hat on the doorstep so I'm just off to ferret through that and see what goodies I get to enjoy. My plan this evening is to watch Mean Girls on Channel 4 and fuss the cats (who are feeling very neglected and sorry for themselves and won't leave me alone). Though I will probably just take a picture of the layout I finished before the holiday and upload that before I cuddle up in bed for the evening.

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  1. Look forward to seeing what you do with the Little Silver Hat kit :D It's the most gorgeous one yet!