Monday, 4 June 2007

My Favourite Treat...

So here it is, my latest CJ entry for a journal about our Favourite Treats. I didn't want to just go for chocolate despite it being my obvious first choice, so I thought about it for a while. I decided that when I really want to spoil myself, if I'm feeling down and want to feel pampered or maybe I feel like I've really earned a treat, I go and buy myself an item from the Benefit Cosmetics stand at Boots. Here is my small but growing collection of goodies from this fantabulous range:

I have loved this range of Cosmetics since discovering them when I was about 16 though they are a little pricey so it was only birthday and Christmas presents at first. Now I'm actually earning money, I have bought myself a couple of items without it being a special occasion, though being a bit of a bargain hunter in all other forms of shopping I do feel naughty buying it! So why do I love this range so much? Well firstly, the products work (though you would expect them to for the money!) Secondly, they are called really cute names like Dandelion, Dr. Feelgood and Lemon-Aid. And thirdly, but perhaps most importantly, the packaging is all to me! It is just the most quirky make up range going, all fifties inspired and really pretty. As far as I am concerned, when I'm putting on my make up in the morning, I want the tubes and tubs to make me smile! Perhaps I'm shallow or misguided, but I don't care.

And that is basically what this CJ entry is about. From a scrappers point of view, perhaps one of the best things about this range is that it produces gorgeous little books with all the cosmetics in the range showcased on well designed and colourful pages. Perfect for cutting up and collaging with. The finished CJ entry was really all collage, with just a few prima flowers thrown in for good measure. Very thrifty but you have to agree, very cool!

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