Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Some knitting...

At last, a chance to post on my blog. Ed bought a new computer game at the weekend, CivCity Rome and it is wildly addictive so I've been unable to get onto the computer long enough to post/check forums etc. But at least its stopped me spending money too so there is an up side!

So what have I been up to? Well, I've had two projects on the go. Firstly, a mini book which I will be giving to my Dad next week when he comes to visit (a belated Father's Day project). I'm really pleased with how it looks - I managed to jazz up some old Papermania papers which had been languishing unloved in a paper holder using my Autumn Leaves stamps.

Secondly, this is my first knitting project intended to get me started on something bigger. This will, one day, be a little fitted pink mohair hat (though how fitted and indeed hatlike it will be is a different matter!). I have already had to begin it twice and yesterday had to painstakingly unravel two rows to pick up a dropped stitch. But now its going ok and I hope to finish it by next weekend. Not that I've got much use for pink mohair hats in the middle of June but this was just a confidence booster before I try out anything more complicated.

I am loving my new acrylic paper trays - all my 12 by 12 is nicely organised and not getting bent or damaged in stacks on the floor. Now I just need to get a desk to stop by back from getting bent and damaged through all this scrapping on the floor!

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