Tuesday, 5 June 2007

A scrapbook frame

Last night I went to a mini workshop at Articraft crops in Meriden (run by the ever-patient Jacqui!) and made this gorgeous scrapbook frame from a kit she had put together. To be honest, I didn't know these scrapbook frames existed but I may try and get hold of another one now because I'm really pleased with how good it looks and already have plans for hanging it in our spare bedroom (which is actually my scrapbook room!) It will go really well with the fuschia and black bedclothes in there.

I want to get some nice black and white shots of me and Ed to go in the frame but seeing as all the pictures of us together seem to involve one of us (usually Ed) pulling a funny face or come out blurry this might be a bit of an undertaking. So at the moment it is without photos.

I believe the frames are made by Kars but I'm not sure where they sell them so it might be worth going on a trawl of the internet if you are interested in making one.

I'm also really pleased because the gorgeous Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter paper we used gave me inspiration for a photo I've been wanting to scrap so I picked up another sheet and started cutting it up when I got in last night. The page is still a work in progress but hopefully I will finish it over the week so I will probably upload it here on Thursday.

We also made a mini book at the class yesterday so I will photograph that and share it tomorrow. Mine is dedicated to my love of scrapbooking! Just a bit of fun really but quite quick to make once you understand the basic design of it.

Work is a bit of a drag at the moment, this last half term is always the worst as the long summer break is in our sights and the sun is shining outside the classroom window. Lots of work for next year to do too so unfortunately I think I will have to dedicate some of this evening to that. Oh well, the life of a teacher! ;)

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