Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Is this really June?

I cannot believe we are in June, nearly July and it is so freezing I'm still wearing jumpers, socks, scarves and having to put the heating on. Last night with Ed away I actually took a hot water bottle to bed. Last year at this time we were enjoying a heat wave which, while unpleasant to teach in, beat shivering in the staff room. We are supposed to be booking a break with my parents for the end of July and thought about going away in England but I have to say that with the current climate I'm dreaming of the Med!
Still, enough moaning, and at least I had a successful scrapbook class tonight. I managed to finish my lastest CJ entry about my favourite actor way ahead of schedule. I will upload it tomorrow as the light isn't good enough to photograph now. There really was only one choice for me for this entry...but you'll have to wait and see tomorrow.
I'm off on a school trip to the Southwell workhouse tomorrow. This can be a bit of a long day, as the workhouse is not the most interesting of places and the journey is pretty long but the kids need to visit to write their coursework about it. Bit concerned though as there was talk of rivers bursting their banks on the route up and I don't particularly relish the thought of getting swept away! Or worse still, stranded on a bus full of year 10s. Now that is a scary prospect...

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