Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A woman on a mission!

Yep, thats me! I want to get this house cleaned from top to bottom at the start of my holidays, so that I can enjoy it for the remainder. I had been hoping to get the second bedroom (read scraproom!) decorated this Summer but what with the dreaded credit crunch thats gonna have to go on hold. But at least it can be tidy.

So I've managed to miss yesterday's My Freedom blog prompt, to share my favourite game. This is a toughie. I used to enjoy a lot of different games, from card games like Happy Families and Grumpy Gus Gorrilla (noone else has heard of this one, but I have fond memories of it!), to board games like Cluedo and Monopoly.

Probably my favourite board game though is one called Scotland Yard. It was based on a big map of London with a transport network printed on it. One person took the role of a criminal on the run, and the rest were detectives. Everybody had a limited amount of transport tickets, and the idea of the game was for the detectives to catch the criminal in order for them to win, or for the criminal to evade capture, so that the person playing as the criminal won. I always played as the criminal and used to absolutely love it! In fact, I have such fond memories of it that I forced my family to play it last Christmas day, though I think they only did it to humour me :)

Today's blog prompt was to talk about our first job. My first real job was working in the Customer Services department at Allders in Sutton. Allders has since shut down, but it used to own a big string of department stores across the country. I had to wear a horrible uniform of a navy blue skirt and white shirt with blue flowers printed on it. At first, my skirt was also made out of the horrible flowery material, but I quickly bought myself a navy blue pencil skirt to wear instead. And I always used to catch my tights on the filing cabinet drawers - so often in fact, that when I left I was bought a pair of tights as a joke present (along with some other lovely gifts I hasten to add!).

My job involved taking payments for customer account cards and sorting out their queries, selling items from wedding gift lists and dealing with customer complaints and returns. Way to be dropped in at the deep end on your first job! I only worked weekends, and most customers were ok, but there were some customers who were serial complainers, and the minute you saw them coming you would run and hide! One woman used to buy items, especially kitchenware, use them, then try and return them for a refund. She used to do this most weekends. I can even remember her name - Mrs Bidessie!

Off the topic of the My Freedom class, one of my pages was featured in the We Challenge You article in Scrapbook Inspirations this month, and here is a scan of the page...

I love this layout - it brings back such hilarious memories of me moaning non-stop about having to wear plastic macs in public!


  1. wow well done on getting published!

  2. Congrats on the pub! That's cool!

  3. I spotted your SI layout yesterday when I was looking through my copy. That photo brought back many a "British summer holiday" memory for me too. Reminded me of that saying "There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes!".


  4. OMG!!! Scotland Yard!!! We love that game :D Used to play it when I was a kid and bought my own version a few years ago - you get a nifty little visor to wear now!

    We're huge board game fans - I really ought to do a layout about it.

    Hope you're enjoying your hols!

  5. We have Scotland Yard too and used to love playing it with the children