Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A timeline of achievements...

Today's prompt in the My Freedom class was to create a timeline of our achievements, as well as a timeline of what we still aspire to achieve.

I sat down to do this when I got home from work, and its amazing all the things you remember when you get thinking about it! Its nice to think you have achieved lots of great things, even if they were quite small achievements.

So I have to share some of my achievements so far with you. I think one would definitely have to be my first graduation day - I have graduated from three different postgrad qualifications but the first definitely meant the most. I achieved a first in my BA History and Politics degree, something I had been hoping for but never thought I would actually get. A lot of work in the second year of my degree really paid off in the end. It felt like the world was my oyster. I just didn't know what I wanted to do with it yet...

Another big achievement was buying my first house. I felt so elated when I finally got those keys in my hand after weeks of solicitors playing silly buggers and holding the whole thing up. It made me feel really grown up, and I was so excited about decorating and getting cats to live in it!

So what about a future aspiration?

Well, there were a number, but one I've had for a long time and which I really hope to do one day is to write and illustrate a children's book. I mean for quite little children, with great big pictures and cute stories. I am always getting ideas for these books. Maybe some time I'll actually sit down and produce one of them!

Another aspiration is to live by the sea. Probably somewhere in or around Brighton. I just love it - the sea makes me feel so happy and I hate the fact that currently I live just about as far away from a coastline as you can possibly get in England (though admittedly, thats not really far considering this is an island nation!).

Finally, I would really like to achieve my PHD one day. Maybe even when I retire. I always planned to do it after my Masters, but decided I wanted to work and earn money. But one day, I will definitely go back and do it. Just not sure when...


  1. Great achievements Clo :o) xx

  2. Love your achievements I am at the same place as you and can't help wondering whats next!!! Climbing Everest for me ;-)

  3. Too cute pic of new home! You've accomplished some BIG things & I'm sure there's more in store! :)

  4. Big congrats girly! I love your curly hair in your graduation pic!


  5. Love the photos to go with your achievements, buying you 1st house is a great feeling! And wow to you asperations!