Sunday, 20 July 2008


Finally I have finished my Aspiration layout for the My Freedom class - its been the hardest yet, mainly because the amount of words we were supposed to write just didn't fit comfortably on the page! I ended up having to cut it down by 50 words, and its still very cluttered, but I'm happy with it this way and thats the main thing as this album is ultimately for me!

In other news, I have finally started my Summer hols but it has yet to sink in that I have six weeks off to myself - it will really hit me tomorrow morning when Ed gets up for work and I don't!

It has spurred me on to make a few changes. I want to spend more time with friends and family, I want to sort out my finances in the face of the dreaded credit crunch, and I want to spend some time clearing out the house of any old stuff which is cluttering it up. I also want to spend some time scrapping of course! Every now and then you reassess the important stuff and I've been doing that lately - spending less time on the computer is going to have to be a part of that for the next few months, although I will endeavour to keep updating my blog most days as this is also a way for my friends and family to keep in touch with me too.

On the theme of change, I had some sad news this week - one of the online stores I design for, Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash, is closing down. As a result, Rebecca is going to be having a sale for the next few weeks which will be well worth a look. It means I'm now only designing for one store, which is a shame, but I'm sure Papermaze will continue to keep me busy!


  1. I want to just say WOW! I totally love the layout you did for the class, it is amazing. I have just been reading the posts that I have missed and you have been a busy girl. But I know have to go and purchase me a set of those stamps you have been using. I just wish I had some mojo to go and play.
    I have laughed at a few things, we have the same pink phone and almost the same idea books, also I want to thank you for the shout-out, it was so sweet of you Chloe.
    So your plans for the summer hols sound good, I too am working on money matters as Maternity pay is a lot less than what I earn at the moment and if I dont go back we need to find ways of cutting back. If you have any brainwaves, give me a shout! Dont forget to have some fun days out too!
    Right must dash or I will take up too much space.
    Speak soon xx

  2. love the layout my dear!! fabby photo of you!!

    lucky you with 6 weeks off!! expecting lots of inspiration from you!! enjoy it!!

  3. Reading your layout, you've certainly achieved a lot so far and I'm sure you'll go on the fulfil your goals for the future. Enjoy your 6 weeks off - my daughter only breaks up on Wednesday.

  4. Love this portrait of you aspiring! Did you do it with a timer or did someone else take the shot? As always I really like your journalling, I want to try this style myself but am not sure my handwriting is up to it!

    Very jealous of all your lovely time off, why don't companies have a summer break too??

  5. Love this Lo, it's gorgeous and the journalling is fantastic.

    Have fun during your hols

  6. you have so got your scrapping mojo back missy theres no stopping you now!!!!

    Re. Donkey Punch. Its a bit naughty so you should google it (just in case any kids or innocents are viewing!!!), according to Laura Wikipedia details it in all its glory!!!!

  7. So cool - love the layout! Enjoy your holiday - sounds like you got a good plan! Too bad about the store closing, seen too many myself.

  8. The way you've done this is BRILLIANT! :D :D