Monday, 14 July 2008

My Travel layout

Well I've been away for the weekend - Ed had a band job in Littlehampton and I took the opportunity to visit my Grandad who lives there now. He is 92 and getting a bit frail, but I still love his company and I'm a little sad I live so far away and don't get to see him so often. He told me lots of stories about his childhood and all the changes he has lived through as well as showing me some of his old photos. I'm determined that I'm going to start recording some of the stories he tells and start a scrapbook album as I don't want his memories to be lost.

In the meantime, back to 'My Freedom' and I have my travel pages to share.

As you can probably tell, I'm limiting myself to a certain colour scheme of pinks, greens and turquoise, as well as keeping the format of the pages very similar as it makes it far easier to create an album, while also giving it a unified look. Not that this is always important, but seeing as this will form a complete album when it is done, its nice if it has common elements running through it.

Today's blog prompt was to share an old photo of yourself as well as a current photo and explain what has changed and what has stayed the same.

So here is the old photo...

And the most recent one I have...

Things that have stayed the same:

  • My love for my family
  • My creativity
  • My interest in the world around me
  • My desire to achieve
  • My strength of will

Things that have changed:

  • My hair!
  • My levels of self-confidence
  • The place I live
  • My goals for the future
  • My friends

And finally for today, I thought I would share my inspiring photos - most of these were taken at different times, because I find lots of things inspiring but they aren't necessarily within easy reach!

First up, I will definitely be including some reference to the Beatles - probably the photo from my blog post the other day. They have never failed to inspire me for years - their songs speak to me in a way that most don't.

Secondly, we have my family - you don't get much more inspiring than them - they have supported and encouraged and are what I predominantly scrap!

Thirdly, we have my favourite city in the world - London. Every time I go back there and visit I am inspired by the atmosphere and buzz and diversity - you truly feel alive there.

Fourth, we have the artwork of others, which I have represented with this photo of my various design books - looking at other's work can be incredibly inspiring, as I am influenced by their ideas and styles.

And finally, we have my stash - very inspiring! I only have to look at it to want to start creating.


  1. I love the colours you're using on your layouts and your fresh funky style. Great inspiration photos too - tfs.

  2. love the layout! and the pictures!! given me some great ideas!! Lx

  3. love reading your blog, the layouts are gorgeous. Try and get your Grandad's memories recorded he must have so much to tell you

  4. wow these are lurvely- what is that alpha please i NEED it

  5. Great set of inspirational photos, and your hair has certainly changed!

  6. I swear I used to have a pair of whte denim shorts exactly like yours!!!

    Fabby LOs as ever!!

    Littlehampton...right near my mum and dad in Worthing, even closer to Ferring where we used to have a caravan when I was little!

  7. another gorgeous LO and I just think the whole blog entry is so cool

  8. Great post today - love your inspiration - (sounds familiar as I am inspired by many of the same things)

  9. wow what a great post! love the layouts I love the lettering. I like your insperation pictures too. Such a cute kid!

  10. Fab Travel LO. Immediately identifiable as a Cloclo layout. I love the style of your pages and I would love to have such a strong sense of my own style.

    Great photos too. Love the old photo of you. Great 80s hair ;)


  11. Your l/o is so pretty! I love the pic of you with such tween attitude & love the shoes! Too sweet on the time with your Grandpa! Great inspiration pics too!