Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My Dream Day!

I thought I would share my dream day with you all today - but rather than tell it, I thought I would actually share the mind map I created with you. And thanks to the wonder of my scanner, here it is in all its glory!

It would basically involve mainly my family, a trip to the British seaside, and an awful lot of eating! My family are very food-orientated - one of our greatest pleasures is eating and we can wax lyrical over the whole process! I would definitely have to stay in a lovely hotel with a massive bed and jacuzzi bath, enjoy a great big breakfast buffet and eat either Thai or Italian food for dinner (probably my favourite, a tomato and mozzarella salad if it was Italian. If Thai, a dish whose name escapes me but it involves chicken, cashew nuts and dried chilli). There would be lots of messing about on the beach (which would be fun because unlike most British summers, the sun would be shining). Me and the young folks would go out to a bar with some fantastic music in the evening. And I would take tons of photos of everything to scrap the next day and turn into a minibook :)

Meanwhile, today's blog prompt was to share a list of links to websites that inspire me most. So here goes...

First up, we have my talented friend Laura, who is also doing this class. She always has some awesome eye candy by way of her fantastically bright and funky layouts.

Next, we have Print and Pattern, which also has some gorgeous inspiration in the form of, you've guessed it, print and pattern!

Another great website to browse is Colour Combos - I've spoken about this one before, but it really does have some great ideas on it for combining colours.

My very talented friend Micayla designs for a challenge blog called ScrapMojo - Micayla's layouts are just amazing, as are the rest of the ladies there. Micayla also has a fab blog, though she is not updating quite as much at the mo because of computer probs, poor girl!

Another very cool site is this one by Scrapperlicious - even if you don't like her layout styles, her technique descriptions are fantastic!

Helen's blog is always good for a look - she has a lovely style and creates adorable layouts of her little girl.

And finally, I know I'm biased but the blog I design for, Scrap, Paper, Scissors has some amazing work from the other ladies involved, including Wendy, Angie and Debs which are always worth a look.

Hope that is enough to get you going - can't wait to get started on this week's pages now...


  1. Love the illustrations! Cool links!

  2. Thanks for sharing the links, it's always interesting to see new blogs.

  3. Print and pattern is one of my favourite spots for inspiration too. Thanks for sharing your links

  4. Thanks for the link and compliment Clo :D

    Loving the mind map!! I grew up at the seaside and I think my dream day would involve a trip to the beach too and definitely food, but for me, it would have to be good old fish and chips!!!

  5. Love the mind map :o) Looks like a really interesting class xxx

  6. love it! love th elo's below too been a while since ive been to visit lovin your work as always