Wednesday, 9 July 2008

My Travel Essentials...

Last night I sat down and completed another layout, totally unrelated to the class I am taking, because I really wanted commemorate my new haircut. Its quite simple - I took the inspiration from the top I was wearing and went for greens and reds and indian-style stamps for the decoration. I machine-stitched some journalling lines and used some AC thickers and a blank ticket for the title. It has absolutely poured down with rain here all day so the photo is pretty dreadful, but I've tried to alter the brightness levels in Photostudio to give you a better idea.

I have filled in my prompt for today and thought I would share my answers for it on here. So here goes...

Where were you born?
Sutton, Greater London

Where have you lived?
Sutton, Leamington Spa and Coventry

What travel experiences do you remember from your childhood?
I remember several trips to Haven Holiday camps quite vividly - we studied the brochures and got really excited weeks before, then endured the long drive in the car, followed by trips to the beach and piers and model villages and lots of fun at the children's disco at the club house in the evenings.

Where do you travel on a day to day basis?
To work and back in my car most days - the journey takes about 15 minutes and I always listen to Radio One in the car because I hate messing about with changing radio stations and I also hate Warwickshire local radio! Sometimes, my journey is interspersed with a trip to Somerfield...

For what reasons do you travel?
WORK, WORK, WORK! And sometimes, I travel all the way down the M40 and round the M25 and visit my family. Which is a much better reason to travel.

Do you travel light or push your luggage allowance to the limit?
I normally take it to just under the luggage allowance, but always make sure I weigh my bag as my oh Ed once got stung by a stingy baggage allowance and had to pay a premium to take his case.

What modes of transportation do you use?
All sorts, mainly car, train, taxi and plane.

What place in the world has left an impression on your soul? How did that happen?
Italy for sure - the people there have this self-assurance and pride in their country and their way of life that we just don't have in England.

Has there been a time in your travels that you wished you stayed at home?
Once, on a trip to Cornwall when I was about ten, Mum and Dad both got severe food poisoning, it rained all week and the house we were staying in was dingy and grotty!

Given no obligation, no cost, no need to pack sensibly or be responsible for anything other than your own happiness, where would you travel right now?
Right now, I would go back to Italy because I am really stressed with work and I know I would relax there. However, if I wanted a new adventure and felt a bit more energised, then it would have to be New York which I desperately want to visit one day soon.

So, what would I always make sure I packed on any holiday?

Definitely a book - last year I picked up the last Harry Potter novel on the day it was released at Gatwick airport before we flew. I had finished reading it by Day Three of our holiday...

Flip-flops, especially my current New Look ones. I have flat feet, and most shoes absolutely tear my feet apart. If I'm going to be doing any walking around sightseeing, my feet have to be comfy!
Teabags - I know, this is a sad English thing but if I can't get a cup of bog-standard PGTips for a week then I get very cranky...

A long scarf for tying around my head to keep my unruly hair out of my face (it always goes frizzy in hot places) and also protect my head from the sun. Also on this theme, a hair band.

A massive handbag for carrying everything in!


  1. Great post again! I went to Florence in Italy on a Kontiki tour a number of years ago and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Looking forward to the next prompt now.

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  3. Love your take on the packing list. And your hair looks great too!!!

  4. Great layout, I really like the colours. And I enjoyd reading your packing list, good to know I'm not the only one with a box of tea in my luggage :-)

  5. Great lo! Im amazed at the amount of traveling people do for wor, I spend 2-4 hours5 days a week traveling to and from work during the school year!

  6. Love your new haircut. It was great to read your answers on the questions.
    x, Isolde

  7. loved your post and the LO of your new haircut!

  8. I love that layout. The colours are great (who says "red and green shall never been seen" Pah! what do they know ;)).

    The new do is fab too. Did you do the usual trick of forgetting and putting your usual amount of shampoo on and having to rinse for an hour?? That's what I always do when I've had mine cut short again!