Monday, 14 May 2007

Fun with the Coventry Corps of Drums!

As promised in yesterday's post, I wanted to share some pictures of Saturday's celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Coventry Corps of Drums. This is a traditional marching band which my partner Ed has been involved in for many years and a lot of our lives tend to revolve around it and the various jobs and tours that they take on.

The band is really professional but has suffered lately from dwindling membership and lack of funds (as have many similar bands) so the 60th was a nice excuse to celebrate for a change, as well as trying to recruit new members!
Several bands performed on the day, including the Corps and the Old Boys who have formed their own band (and which Ed's dad is a member of!). These pictures are mainly of their performances.

Of course, I've watched them march many times but this was one of the first times I had seem them perform a display, which involves marching and moving in formation whilst playing. More difficult than it sounds!

It was a really long day (no scrapbooking all Saturday!) but the lads really enjoyed it and it was a real success. I'm not sure how long this sort of band is going to survive for, its all a bit like the script to Brassed Off but the older lads are really committed to keeping it going and still go off marching round places like Stratford upon Avon even though some of them are pushing thirty! Lets hope their hard work pays off for a few more years anyway.
On a scrapping note, I started a layout yesterday which I'm hoping to finish tonight so I will upload it tomorrow. Its called 'Summer' and is nice and bright and fresh. I have used my new Scenic Route Charlotte papers which are very gorgeous and, as always, some Autumn Leaves stamps. Check back tomorrow for a look.

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