Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Been to a crop

Just got in from the scrapbooking class I go to on Wednesdays, we make a page as a group and then work on our own stuff. Usually we have plenty of time to finish our own layouts but today there was lots of fiddly cutting and sticking to do which meant that I got very little done on my circle journal. I did manage to get some ribbons to tie on the book rings though and my address page is nearly done. Its the front cover that I'm struggling with at the moment - not sure what I'm going to put on there yet. I want to cut the title of the CJ from BG Blush papers but I think it needs a bit more than that. I'll have a play at the new Coventry crop which I'm going to tomorrow night - its only its second meeting so it will be interesting to see who turns up. I hope we still get a decent turnout though.
I am definitely feeling the need for a CraftRobo more and more - I cut so many titles using computer fonts and while I don't mind handcutting, it takes up half the time I spend on each page! I think I may ask for money this Christmas and see if I can save up for one. I have seen the Cricut in action but I think the CraftRobo is the one for me - its a bit more versatile and you don't have to keep buying new cartridges for it (though it is a bit more expensive outright). Still, its a bit of a pipe dream at the moment - I keep buying papers and embellies (and rubber stamps!) instead of saving up.

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