Friday, 21 September 2007

There is nothing amazing about washing up...

So two more pages to share from about a week and a half ago. The first page is recording the beautiful flower that appeared on the clematis that Ed had planted not so long ago - the first flower and its remained looking just as stunning for ages. We now have another one about to open too - its really lovely to see something looking so colourful as the weather turns and we feel cold all the time.

The second page is about one of the most tedious household chores - the washing up. It just feels like a neverending process and if you leave it till the next day it gets even worse as you HAVE to do it before you can cook again. I have to admit, that despite this very good lesson I have unfortunately not learned and the same thing has happened several times since. But we can always hope.

I've had some good news - I have been invited to join another DT for a shop that I use quite regularly. I'm not allowed to announce it yet but its all very exciting and I think it will challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone even more. I will let you know as soon as I can who I am designing for but some goodies are winging their way to me now, ready for me to create.

I hope I don't end up being overwhelmed by everything - I've committed myself to rather a lot of CJs at the moment as well! I think I will just have to get very organised with my time and speed up my scrapping too.

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