Monday, 17 September 2007

Love is...

I know I'm supposed to be making my page a day for Shimelle's class. But when you've got an idea for a page sometimes you can't stop until you've made it. Thats what happened to me last night. At half ten I was cutting and trimming away (even though I should have been in bed ready for work the next morning) and as soon as I got in today I finished the page.

Its called Love is... and uses some photos I've had since my birthday which I changed to Black and White. I used Love Elsie Betty papers, a selection of pink buttons and some stickers by 7 Gypsies on the page. The most scarey thing I've ever done is decide to paint onto a page - when I did the first strokes I thought - this looks awful! - and regretted it but as I got going I was really pleased with it. That will be the influence of the Autumn leaves Designing with Colour book I bought recently! The title is handdrawn and cut to reflect the doodle style of Love Elsie paper.

The journalling is all about my take on love - something that is about being totally open, honest and being yourself with someone - not all romance and candlelit dinners (though of course thats nice too!).

I will carry on sharing my journal pages tomorrow, but tonight its off to badminton for me!

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  1. The paint adds real depth - can't quite put my finger on how but it lends the page a great atmosphere. Definitely should try that again!

    Hope the kids are being good to you :)