Friday, 14 September 2007

Thank Goodness its Friday!

My first full week back teaching and its gone pretty well, though I am VERY glad that its Friday and I can enjoy the weekend and a bit of my own time again. I'm trying to keep on top of my school work though I'm sure this won't last too long. At the moment I'm enjoying a nice glass of red wine and hiding upstairs away from the rugby match (I don't think I will ever get that game), so I thought I may as well share another couple of pages from my journal.

I have to say that, while there is nothing like the sense of achievement you get when you finish a 12 by 12 page which you designed and worked on for several hours, it is nice working in a format which means you can finish several pages in an evening. Which is ideal as I'm still catching up (though I'm getting there - I'm actually in the current week now!). I might try to get back to the 12 by 12 this weekend though, as I still have ideas for pages floating round in my head from several weeks back.

The first page is about how tired I felt when I returned to work and embraced all the stress that teaching and planning entails. I managed to start developing a sty on my eye, though fortunately it never really got going and just felt incredibly sore without actually looking ugly. Hadn't had one of these since I was a really little girl and used to read in the dark all night! So I thought it was worth recording.

The second page is about the unfortunate problem of money and lack of it. The little enough said about this one the better, but it will serve as a useful reminder to stay on top of my finances in the future.

Not too many plans for the weekend now, though I may have to go and buy new tyres for my car, which is slightly depressing as my bank balance had started to look healthy again. C'est la vie I guess...

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