Sunday, 16 September 2007

Last weekend's pages

So we have reached last weekend's pages now, two pages which I particularly like as well. Saturday's page was about an evening in a pub garden to celebrate a friend's birthday. I tried to get a photograph of two of my friends together, but every time I took it, one of the girls blinked when the flash went off, leaving me with about ten photos of her eyes closed! In the end I gave up and accepted that I wouldn't get the perfect shot, but this album was great for showcasing an imperfect shot!
My second page is a bit more personal. Of course, I have always known that my mum means the world to me and I miss her every day as I live so far away. But last weekend, my mum felt really poorly and my sister had to take her to the hospital. She turned out to be ok in the end, but they worry I felt and the complete uselessness of not being nearby really upset me. It reminded me how much my family mean to me and how much I hate not being able to see them more often.

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