Wednesday, 19 September 2007

More journal pages

So these are the journal pages for Monday and Tuesday last week
On Monday, my cats were all over me when I got in the door from work. I took this shot of Bert and though its a bit blurred it made me laugh and I decided to include it in my journal - he's got such a surprised look on his face!

For Tuesday's page, I decided to make an ode to Department (or indeed, any) Meetings at school. Despite all promises to the contrary, these are never short and snappy, but instead go on forever and ever as each point is discussed to death. I should just accept this before I go in, rather than hoping against hope that each time it will be different!

Went to a crop tonight which was good fun, at least it lets me catch up with my pages and be focused on scrapping for several hours at a time (without thinking that I should be getting on with some work :( ). Got several CJ entries to do so I may post those over the next few days, though quite when I'm going to find the time to do them I'm not entirely sure!

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  1. I love your latest creations girl, they are fabby!!!