Wednesday, 3 October 2007


This is the layout that I finished the other day. Now that it is more or less winter there is hardly any light in the evenings which makes it horribly difficult to photograph pages nicely, but this is the best of a bad bunch.
The layout is about the outfits we wore to a friends wedding earlier in the year. I'm not normally one for weddings - I feel a bit in awe of all the formalities and overdressed in all the wedding finery you have to wear. But for this wedding I decided to buy this pink frock - it wasn't at all expensive, but it made me feel a million dollars, which is the main thing. I decided to document this feeling and used the Scenic Route Laurel papers in my latest Sarah's Cards kit - picking out the pink in my outfit and the black and white in my friends with the gorgeous patterned papers. I decided to go for a bit of a twenties feel with the title and journalling tags. The main embellishments are borders made with buttons and some stamping using Autumn Leaves flourishes stamps. I quite like the layout, even though it took me ages to finish it, though I might try to scrap the main picture again as I really like it.

I'm still in a bit of a bad mood - I really took it out on my year nine's this afternoon - they were my only class who didn't behave perfectly today so they really took the brunt of my need to shout! I feel really bad about it now - it never helps things much, even though they had been naughty - but I have spoken to each of the kids and hopefully we can start afresh tomorrow. Roll on weekend now, I don't think I've ever needed it so much!

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