Saturday, 6 October 2007

Finally its the weekend!

I really seem to be craving my weekends at the moment - work is incredibly busy and therefore tiring - I rarely find time to eat my lunch these days! This is why I'm really glad I scrap - I have something which I can do for an hour or two in the evening that lets me switch off completely. And believe me, as a teacher thats hard to do as the job never really ends.
I'm finding the postal strike a bit of a pain at the moment - not that I'm against the postal workers making a stand as very few people bother to do that these days and it was annoying to find our local Post Office had shut down. However, it does mean that the little book I'd bought to make a CJ probably won't arrive till Weds if I'm lucky. And seeing as the first swap was meant to be next Thursday this will be a bit of a problem :/. I'll have to see what the other girls say but I may have to drop out of this one :(
I did however manage to make a CJ for another class that I go to (I think EVERYONE is making CJs at the moment - god knows how I'm going to keep up!) and I'm quite pleased with the results. As I had about two evenings to make that one too I decided to follow the formula of my last CJ, but alter the colours and papers. I will take some pictures of it in a bit and upload it to share.
I did manage to receive some lovely goodies in the post from Vanessa at Papermaze - gorgeous papers for my contribution to the Design Blog (if you haven't had a look yet, make sure you do, its fab). I have some SEI and American Crafts to work with so if you like those ranges make sure you check out the blog in November.
This evening I'm off with the girls for a meal out (as all our men are out on a band job - you might remember the marching band that Ed is involved with). We are going to a fabby restaurant in Coventry called Flamingos - its like a modern Indian restaurant which blows the normal curry houses out of the water with its food - its SOOO good! So looking forward to that, and hope to take some good girlie pics too :)

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