Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Its been a really worrying couple of days for me which really put some stuff into perspective. My Grandad, who is nearly 92, had to have an operation today to try to remove a blockage in an artery in his leg and put a new plastic artery in. I found out on Monday evening and made the decision to go down to Chichester hospital yesterday to visit him before the op. I'm so glad I did, our family were left with a lot of regrets over my Nan's death 7 years ago (mainly due to very poor hospital communications) and I didn't want to feel the same way again. It did mean missing a couple of days off work, but as a friend of mine put it, some things are more important. And family are definitely more important to me. My Grandad is a wonderful man, caring, gentle and loving. He kept crying when he saw us all and I got lots of cuddles and held his hand. So whatever happens I know that I have spent a little time with him. I should be hearing how the operation went in the next couple of minutes.
So its been a very emotional and shattering couple of days, I've spent a large amount of it driving up and down the country and the rest feeling tearful and weepy. But I'm staying positive about it, and have to get back to normal for work tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed for him!


  1. Im so sorry, il keep my fingers crossed for you as well!