Sunday, 7 October 2007

My new Circle Journal

This is my new CJ - its called a month in the year because I want each person to document the month that they have the CJ - sights, sounds, events, the way it makes them feel etc. My pages are September and I'm going to finish those off today but all the other pages are done and here they are - The front cover:The rules page and an explanation of the theme for my CJ:A poem by Sara Coleridge about how each month brings different things to our lives:My sign in pages and a page to finish off the CJ:

As I said yesterday, I followed the same format as my first CJ, mainly due to time constraints as its difficult to come up with a new idea quickly but I really like the effect and I think its different enough in style and colour from the original to avoid being too samey. It will be great to see what people come up with for each of the months, I'm really looking forward to getting my September pages done now.

I may even try to finish off the pages for my Learn Something New Every Day journal - it kind of stopped about a week before the end because of crazy business at work but I really want to complete it properly. I have lessons for most of the days I missed so its just a case of getting them down on paper now.

I'm suffering from a bit of a mega hangover today - I drank far too much wine last night but had a fantastic evening with my friends. God bless Nurofen!

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  1. THis cj is just perfect!!! i love it. I hope your hangover goes away before school!!!