Thursday, 25 October 2007

A grey day in Brighton

We woke up to a gloomy Thursday, but neither me nor my parents wanted to stay in the house so we decided to go down to Brighton for the afternoon to take a walk and get some fresh air. Brighton has always been one of our favourite places for a day out - so easy to get to but a real seaside feel, and since I was a little girl we have been regular visitors. In fact, even though I now live in Coventry I probably still visit Brighton just as regularly as I used to as a Londoner - I find living in the Midlands very difficult for its lack of a local coastline, and its probably one of the things I miss the most.
Despite the weather, I wanted to take some good shots of Brighton in the winter time - its never quiet but there weren't the crowds you associate with Summer sunshine and I was able to get some very different shots to usual. Here are just a few - I sometimes think that the seaside in winter is even more beautiful than the summer.
The icon of British seaside resorts - the beach huts:
The terribly sad, skeletal remains of the West pier:

A line of sail boats by the promenade:I just couldn't resist this little fella, sitting all alone on the groyne:Lots of inspiration for a good 'seaside in winter' layout!

I'm hoping to go and see my grandad tomorrow, he is still very poorly so it will probably only be a short visit but I want to and give him a big hug while I get the chance.

Just a quick congratulations to Anna who won second prize in the Scrapbook Magazine's scraplift challenge - well done girl! x

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  1. I simply have to commend you for the use of 'groyne' in this post. Goes to show that high school geography is never wasted...

    Congrats on the scrapbooking too, sounds like you're becoming something of a trend-setter in this field.