Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A bit of a tantrum...

I have serious doubts about my sanity at the moment. I was so exhausted after work and shopping at Somerfield when I got in this evening that I decided to flake out on the sofa with a glass of Diet Coke (I hardly get to drink anything all day so I was really thirsty). And me being the clumsy beggar that I am, dropped the glass and covered myself and the leather sofa in Diet Coke! And what did I do to resolve the situation? Did I go and get a cloth and repair the damage? Nope, I stood in the centre of the room and yelled at the top of my lungs! A proper good scream. Sometimes life really gets me that way. A real waste of time and all, but it made me feel better for a minute anyway.
I don't seem to be getting anywhere near the normal amount of scrapping done either - its not like I've got loads of DT work to do or anything, but normally I will be working on something for at least a half hour each night. Not so this week. I think I really need a break from work. Big time.
I did manage to finish a layout last night however - its been sitting on the floor unfinished for ages, but too dark to photograph now so I will do that tomorrow. In the meantime, I think I need to chill...now where is that bottle of wine!

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