Saturday, 20 October 2007

Best of British!

So yes, I can finally share the news that I was one of the winners of Best of British New Talent - it was announced in this months Scrapbook Inspirations magazine and I had been desperately waiting for my sub copy to arrived to check it was really in there. There isn't too much about the competition in there this time - there was a bit of a rush just getting our photos to the magazine on time for this month, but I have sent off some of my winning layouts to be photographed so there will be more about the winners in a later issue.
We found out about the results so late that I had totally given up hope of winning - I had imagined that they would want our layouts to feature and there wouldn't have been time to send those. So when I got a phonecall from Rosie Waddicor after a long day at work whilst waiting for at the hospital for an appointment I'm afraid I was a bit glass half empty and thought it was something to do with the first layout I had ever sent in for the Reader's Gallery (for the Jan issue I think) - I imagined it had been crushed in the post or something similar. So poor Rosie was a bit suprised by the downhearted way I answered the phone! Suffice to say I was thrilled by the news - I had had a really bad day and that definitely turned it round for me! I've had loads of lovely prizes, not sure where I'm going to put half of them, and its really given me a boost about my work - I have now been submitting for the Reader's Gallery regularly, and have taken on more Design Team work too. In fact, Scrap Paper Scissors (the Papermaze blog) have got a profile of me today - lots of random facts you may never have wanted to know, as well as some information about the way I scrap. Please forgive the appalling pictures of my scrapping space, those who read this blog regularly will know I don't really have one, and I didn't fancy taking pictures of the floor where I scrap!
I will share the layout created for Papermaze recently on this blog later - its one of my faves of the moment, I just love the colours.


  1. Congratulations on your BOB!
    Love your work.

  2. Congratulations on your win.
    Looking forward to seing your layouts in future issues of the magazine.