Saturday, 31 May 2008

I've been Etsy shopping!

I so love Etsy. Its just the best place to spend an hour browsing and finding all kinds of elements for your pages which you didn't know you needed! I've purchased myself some vintage book paper (so I don't have to feel guilty about tearing up books myself), as well as some collage sheets, and have saved several different items to my favourites for later too. Its a real treasure trove for a papercrafter.

Anyway, what have I been creating? Not as much as I could have been - I had practically the whole day to myself as Ed has been out fishing, but I can't tell you what I did with it! I did manage to create one layout though - it uses a mixture of my Cocoa Daisy January and May kits which fit really nicely together. Unfortunately, the scan has come out a bit blurred in the top corner (the curse of the lumpy page!) but overall you get the idea...the edges are all really distressed in real life too, but it doesn't show up too well here. Maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow instead...

A short post tonight as I am off to bed - Ed has come back from fishing with a snotty nose and is now acting like he's dying! So I guess I'd better spend his final moments with him... ;)


  1. Ooooh, what a sweet kitty.
    Love, Isolde

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  3. yikes, sorry don't know what happened there, but blogger posted a comment that I had just left on Rachel's blog instead! very odd!

    I am sorry to hear that Ed has man flu! I guess he will be ok in a couple of weeks! lol!

    Great LO x