Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A tragic evening

I have had such a sad evening. Earlier today, the little white cat from two doors down, Beano was found dead outside by another neighbour. He wasn't even a year old and was such a character - he was friends with everybody who lives in the close and used to run up to greet us when we got home. I've cried buckets this evening, but as my mum reminded me, I just have to imagine him as a little white angel cat now. I'm so upset that I never took photos of him - I always meant to but just assumed there would be plenty of time. The only one I have is a blurry shot of him through my window when I was taking pictures of raindrops. I know my cats will miss him, bless his little heart. We all will.

I thought I would share the birthday mini book I made for my sister as promised. I wanted to make it quite simple but pretty, and leave a space for her to record her own memories too.

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