Monday, 5 May 2008

Tea at the Ritz!

What a fab weekend I have had - visting the folks back home and going out in London was lovely. Tea at the Ritz was certainly an experience - we couldn't believe how opulent the Palm Court where we had our tea was. Some of the real hotel guests who were heading into the dining room were amazing too - their dresses were bedecked in gems and their hair was perfectly coiffed - they almost looked like dolls! How the other half live...anyway, here are some pictures to commemorate our evening. No photos of the actual tea I'm afraid, you're only allowed to take photos in the foyer.

First up is a photo my dad took of me, my sis and our friend Nic in the garden before we left - I look like a right shortarse on that lower step as my sister is several inches taller than me anyway!

Next up we managed to snap this pic of the sign outside - just to prove we had been there...

Finally, some other fellow tea takers took this pic of all of us - me, my sis, my mum and Nic on the stairs in the foyer of the hotel. By this time I had two great ladders in my new pair of tights but fortunately you can't see them in the pic!
I also went walking with mum and dad yesterday on the South Bank and took dozens of photos which I will share on here tomorrow, as well as finally being able to share some pics of the mini book I made my sis, which I gave to her on Saturday (several weeks after her birthday - sorry sis!). Right now though, I can hardly keep my eyes open so I'm off to bed. Night night!

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  1. Lovely pics. Waw, tea at the Ritz. It must have been fun to go there.
    Love, Isolde