Friday, 1 February 2008

Scrapbook Inspirations...

...has my commissioned layout in it this month. I absolutely loved creating this layout but in the rush to send it off I hadn't photographed it myself, so I was starting to forget what it looked like! There was a little sneaky in the back of last month's issue, and then when I got home today my magazine was unexpectedly waiting for me and my layout was there on page 33. Can't wait to get it back home now, I'm still waiting on my Love layout from the February Reader's gallery too, I like to get them back to the safety of their albums as opposed to the rather dubious care of Royal Mail! I'm liking the new look of the magazine too, and there seems to be an awful lot more in there this month, or is it just me?
I can't believe this horrible week is finally over - I've only really started feeling myself again today, so I'm off out this evening to my workmate's for a housewarming gathering. I think I will definitely take the camera, although knowing me and my inability to drink without embarassing myself, all the dodgy shots will be of yours truly! My friend Gurpreet, whose house it is, has spent ages preparing food for us all so I think we are definitely in for a treat. I'm leaving Ed at home to vegetate and play on the PS3 for a night, which I'm sure he'll enjoy too. Heres to a relaxing weekend!

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