Wednesday, 6 February 2008

We are so alike!

I created this page ages ago now, right at the beginning of December but it has only just gone up on the Papermaze blog so I had to wait till now to share it. This page is about me and my mum - virtually my whole adult life anyone who knows me will say as soon as they see a photo of my mum: my god you're so alike, I thought it WAS you but with dark hair etc etc. We are really alike, and to be honest I'm happy about that. I think my mum always looks great, she has a great sense of style and if I look as good as she does in my fifties after having three kids I will be totally made up! So I always take it as a compliment :) The page was supposed to be a scraplift of one from the Autumn Leaves book Designing with Details, though I will admit my page didn't end up looking much like the original - I have never scraplifted before so I found it quite difficult. But I'm really pleased with the finished page, especially that handcut title.
In other news, my videoed lesson went really well - the kids were great bless em, and felt so important that I had chosen them to try out the skills lesson with. They are a lovely bunch! Only two days to go till half term now, and even though its been a short stretch I'll still be glad of the break, its always hard getting up in the morning at this time of year.


  1. Wow...this page is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! You two do look alike!

  2. That is one of the most beautiful pages I have seen - awesome job - I loved reading your blog!!!

  3. You mum looks so young!!! Stunning page.
    Love, Isolde

  4. Lovely page :D

    I've got a whole week to wait until half term. Enjoy your lie-ins!!