Thursday, 14 February 2008

My CJ came home!

My CJ arrived back home the other day - Rebecca who made the last entry was super-organised so I got it a whole month early! As promised, I wanted to put all the entries up on my blog so the other CJ participants could have a look at each other's work. I had to do a bit of guess work as some weren't labelled - the tags were filled but I didn't know which page they referred to! (I know I forgot to write a tag in one of the CJs I did so that's even worse - smack to me!). But I think I have everyone sorted now. You can see my original entries here and here. So without further ado, here are the rest:First up is Ann's entry - I know Ann from the crops we attend so I know how important a time the closing of her school was and I love her choice of song which summed up the feelings of her and her pupils. We are fellow school teachers and share a good moan every other Thursday at our crops!Next up was Jo - we are a similar age and so I understand her love of Take That - Have a Little Patience had more meaning however as it was top of the charts when her baby was born. The baby bag opens up to reveal the true meaning of her song.Next was Karen's entry - a love song which brings back memories of her special day. I absolutely love that Basic Grey Blush paper with the bird on - I always have a spare sheet of it in my bag.

Next up was Sharon's entry - she had chosen a song that gave her inspiration and encouragement at a time when she was in great need of it. I love that music and lyrics can have a really positive effect on people - I know they do on me.

Next was Jane with her entry about her West Ham themed wedding - her song choice was of course, I'm forever blowing bubbles!

Next up was Sam, with lots of hidden journalling. She chose the Queen hit Radio Ga Ga because of her love of the radio and memories of Live Aid.

Then we have Kelly, who loves the feel good song Don't Stop Me Now by Queen - this really reminds me of cheese nights at uni so I know what she means! I love this little detail in the corner, and Kelly even included a real CD!Next is Lynne with Lola's Theme by Shapeshifters, chosen because it reminds her Summer, fun and a special person in her life.

Finally its Rebecca, who chose Common People by Pulp - it reminds her of uni days, similarly to my choice by Coldplay. For me, Common People takes me back to high school days of being Britpop mad and doing our best to blag our way into clubs and bars - I can remember jumping around singing this at the top of my voice with my mates!

So overall a fantastic CJ - I can't believe its now finished, but I'm really pleased with the result. Its taken my nearly an hour to put this post together but I hope you guys liked seeing the finished product!


  1. Thanks for uploading the pages for everyone to see - looks super!

  2. Wow - chloe, it seems so long ago! but i did notice . . . . . i forgot to put the CD in! i will send it with ann when mine comes home!

    Fab CJ - everyone has done a great job!

  3. Wow Chloe, looks so fab-it was very hard for me to post it back to you!!!!!!

  4. Lovely pages in your CJ. I've made one last year about 'My secret addictions'. It's great to see all the diffrent entries.
    Love, Isolde

  5. looks amazing and an interesting topic! :) I'm in the middle of my first CJ and can't wait til I get it back!