Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Layouts to share

So here are the layouts I created with my Cherry Arte kit from Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash - if you haven't got one yet, you should (just for the buttons in my opinion...sign of mild obsession again...). I found these papers so easy to work with - they are fairly bold and bright prints but I found they worked perfectly, particularly as my cats tend to lie on a fuschia pink fleece which is a nightmare to colour match with most paper ranges! I think I'm definitely getting better at working with this page size too - I'll never feel quite as at home with it as I do with 12x12 but I'm starting to realise that you really have to tone down the sizes and embellishments so that you don't overpower the page!
The first page is about my cat's toes - I'm probably more obsessed with these than I am with buttons and I'm always messing with them which I'm sure drives the poor things mad but they put up with me because they know I'm their mad mumma!
The second page is about my cat Ernie - he is the longest, stretchiest cat in the world and sometimes when he is getting comfy on the bed he gets himself into the funniest positions and lets you scratch his belly and pull him around without a care. So this layout is dedicated to him!The final layout is about Bert and Ernie - sometimes they get so comfy together that they have a hug, and I took these two lovely photos of them one day in December when they were all cosied up! I love my button and ribbon heart - never thought I could possibly use that many on one 8.5x11 page! All my titles have been stamped with various Autumn Leaves alphabets which I'm going through a phase of totally loving at the moment.
I went to work today and got through it, hardly my best teaching mind but I didn't expect it to be. I'm still feeling a bit pants though so I might go to bed early with a hot water bottle and a dvd to try and sleep it off. Roll on weekend!

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