Tuesday, 12 February 2008

In need of a hug!

I've had a very busy three days - mum and dad came up to visit so that dad could help with decorating the bathroom and me and mum spent several days shopping, chilling and generally enjoying each other's company. Mum helped rearrange my kitchen which was great, and even dug over the flowerbeds in the garden while we've been enjoying such unseasonable good weather! We cooked some lovely meals for my Dad, bought a few bits of houseware from the new Coventry Ikea, and drank copious amounts of cappucino in various cafe's around the city.

And now, they've gone back home. And I feel SO sad. I love my parents, and I hate that I live a good two and a half hours away from them. I'm pottering around a very empty and quiet house now (it just so happened that Ed went to a football match and my friend Corey who had been visiting for the day went back home within the space of half an hour of my parents leaving - it was like a mass exodus!). So I've decided to go off and visit them at the weekend too. Cos I'm definitely in need of a hug :(

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  1. OH bless you, sometimes a girl just needs a hug from her parent! Enjoy the visit at the weekend, not long to go now!